Understand How You Stack Up

On a daily basis, you will be able to see how many times your profile showed up in the search results and how many times it was clicked on. You will now be able to instantly see, understand and improve every information written in your profile to increase the number of opportunities that you get through the platform.

We're introducing something new - the Search Ranking. This basically is a percentage of how much you will show up on the searches that match your profile. It's a derivation of the X Rank, which is a measure of how well you rank on the searches.

A few tips to improve your Search Ranking:

  • Login frequently - an inactive Raketeer profile will show less on the Search. This allows Clients to communicate & reach out to Raketeers who are currently active on the platform.
  • Improve your response time - whenever a Client inquires about your services, you should maintain a fast response time and a high response rate.
  • Complete your profile - a thorough profile will help the Client understand your strengths and if you're a right fit for the job. Check out the Profile Completeness tab on your profile and fill out the remaining fields.
  • Get verified - a verified Raketeer profile ensures that the Client is is dealing with an actual person. This strengthens your profile and will definitely help you rank up higher on Search.
  • Get reviews from Clients - after you're done working with your client, make sure to request for a review. Positive reviews are actually the best way to rank higher. Let your work ethic show on your profile - be diligent in asking for reviews from Clients!
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