Withdrawing Funds from Your Account

From’s Secured Payment Facility account, you can withdraw funds to your Raket Wallet or directly to your bank account. To do this the first step is to go to your Projects Dashboard which can be found under: My Profile>My Projects.

Or when in your profile, you can see it under your profile dashboard. You have to be logged in to do this.

From your Projects Dashboard, scroll down and locate the "Withdraw Funds" button and click it.

You will then be taken to the Withdraw Funds page wherein you need to key in the following details: Amount, the Withdrawal Option that you want, your Account Name and Bank Account Number/Raket Wallet Account Email. Then click "Submit."


** Effective March 1st 2016, Raketeers will now have the option to transfer their earnings directly from their Raket Account to their bank accounts.

After doing so, you could check under Transaction History to see the summary and breakdown of your request. To find this, you need to go to your Dashboard which can be found under My Profile>My Projects. From your Projects Dashboard, scroll down and locate the "Transaction History" button and click it.

As soon as we receive your request, we will process it and credit your bank accounts / Raket Wallet with the withdrawn amount.

** Effective April 21st 2016, Raket Account withdrawals will already be free and will no longer be charged a 5% withdrawal fee.

Need help on withdrawing your earnings from your Raket Wallet? Here's our helpdesk link for your reference: Withdrawing From Your Raket Wallet

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