Getting Started as a Client

Let us walk you through, hiring Raketeers for a project only takes a few clicks. In no time, you can hire and get your project started!


1. Search - From our homepage, simply type in what you need e.g. Event Organizer, Java Developer, Math Tutor. Results will instantly show up and just browse through it and see who you like.

TIP: Check out their details, portfolio, and read their reviews. Shortlist a few of who you think is a good fit for your requirement.

2. Inquire - Simply click "Inquire" found on every Raketeer's profile or directly from the search results. Once you have sent an inquiry to a Raketeer, they will receive an email notifying them about the inquiry.

TIP: Be as detailed as possible when writing your email message for Raketeer inquiries. This will be the sole basis for a Raketeer to either accept or reject your inquiry. You need an active Premium Subscription with enough Inquiry Credits to be able to send inquiries to Raketeers.


3. Hire - You will receive an email with the Raketeer copied as soon as he/she responds to your inquiry. From there, you can discuss project details and start working.


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