How to reclaim my invalid inquiry credits?

Inquiry credits can be reclaimed anytime. Just send us a screenshot of the invalid invite received. Send all emails to and within 48 hours, we will credit it back to your account.


  1. In general, valid invites connotes to freelance related inquiries only. Invites are assumed freelance related unless stated otherwise. Invalid inquiries are the following:
    • SPAM Messages
    • Direct full-time position offers/invitations/inquiries
    • All non-freelance/service related/promotional messages
  2. Inquiry credits can be reclaimed anytime. However, the invalid invite should not be more than 60 days old.
  3. Only invalid inquiries received after Jan 15, 2015 are reclaimable.

For any questions, we are more than glad to address your concern. Feel free to email us at

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